Hematology also spelled as Haematology, is the branch of medicine that came into picture with the study, diagnosis, treatment of diseases associated with the blood and blood components. Hematology involves the study of etiology (Origin of disorder). It includes blood diseases treatment that have an significant effect on the assembly of blood and its components, like blood cells, bone marrow, blood proteins, hemoglobin, blood vessels, platelets, spleen, and also the mechanism of clotting. Physicians specialized in hematology are known as Hematologists or Haematologists. Their conventional work mainly includes the care and treatment of patients with haematological diseases. Hematologists moreover conduct studies in oncology and work with oncologists, specialized in this field are known as Hemato-oncologists and their work is to deal with Cancers related to blood. There are varied hematologic disorders that can affect people. Some of those are bleeding disorders, anemia, hemophilia, general blood clots, etc. As for connected blood cancers such as lymphoma leukemia, and myeloma are also a serious threat. As this a successive conference of Hematology conference series, join to have a glimpse of hematology and hematology research at this conference.

  • Blood Components
  • Platelets & Thrombocytopenia
  • Hemoglobin & Blood Plasma
  • Erythrocytes & Leukocytes
  • Complete Blood Count & Polycythemia
  • Reticuloendothelial & Lymphatic System

Related Conference of Hematology

May 08-09, 2017

7th World Hematologists Congress

Barcelona, Spain

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