Established the Saudi Society for Hematology the decision of the Scientific Council of King Abdul Aziz University, No. 17, issued at the meeting atheist meeting held on 23/2/1428 H (13/3/2007), has the Assembly since its inception by sending all professionals in the field of blood diseases, urging them to join under the umbrella of the Assembly, already during the biennium years of age Albap joined by many members of Assembly has begun already and thankfully in achieving the goals established for it. There is still much that she wants Assembly to achieve, God willing, to reach to achieve their potential and to achieve the hopes of many doctors and specialists in the field of blood diseases in Saudi Arabia. Official Journal of Society: Journal of Applied Hematology

The care of children, teenagers and young adults with cancer in Scotland changed in 2012; all cancer centres and specialists now work together as one single, cohesive service: the Managed Service Network for Children and Young People with Cancer. We provide high quality, world class care for young people (0 – 25 yrs), by delivering a safe, equitable and sustainable service through clinical collaboration across paediatric and adult services. If Scotland cannot provide the care needed, we will recruit the treatment from elsewhere. We support clinical posts, infrastructure and national projects to improve services for young cancer patients. We take an holistic approach to care and provide support for a wide variety of issues that affect young people including fertility preservation, education, clinical trials, psychological wellbeing and long-term aftercare.