Hematology Nursing

Hematology nurses are specially skilled to provide nursing care for patients with blood diseases or disorders. They may also assist with blood transfusions, blood tests, research, and chemotherapy. If you go into hematology, expect to have more obligation than other nurses, prescriptive expert, and the ability to order diagnostic lab work. Some of the additional commonly-known blood diseases and disorders such as: leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anaemia and haemophilia are encounter by hematology nurses. Hematology nurses initiate a plan of care to manage symptoms that result from such blood problems. Hematology nursing is often thoroughly associated with oncology nursing, and some nurses will help patients with pain supervision if their cancer is particularly aggressive. Hematology nurses may work with adults only or specialize in working only with children i.e. Pediatric Hematology nurses. Their responsibilities include: taking medical antiquities, performing examinations, starting IVs and working with physicians to diagnose various blood diseases and disorders. Hematology nurses also educate patients and their families on how to live with and manage their blood disease. They may also assist with blood transfusions, blood tests, research and chemotherapy. Advanced practice hematology nursing have some prescriptive authority and can also order diagnostic lab work done.

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